Friday, December 31, 2010

:: Longan & Strawberry Pudding ::

My younger twin son, Adib grabbed a can of longan during our weekly visit to the grocery store. Using Kak Hanieliza’s lychee pudding recipe, I altered it according to what I imagine.

It turned out great!

:: Ingredients ::
1 packet of agar-agar (I used the strand type)
1.5 l of water
1.5 cup sugar (I used not even 1.5 cup, almost 1.5 cup)
1 can of longan
1 can of evaporated milk
2 tsp of strawberry emulco (it would be great to have fresh strawberry I think)

:: Method ::
1. Separate the longan from its syrup. Set aside.
2. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar till dissolved.
3. Once dissolved, add it the evaporated milk and stir well.
4. Set aside ¼ of the mixture in another bowl. Mix in the strawberry emulco.
5. Pour in the longan syrup in the remaining mixture. Mix well.
6. Prepare some containers for the jelly. First pour in the strawberry.
7. Once the strawberry layer is set, pour in the longan mixture.
8. Add in some longan chunks in the jelly.
9. Serve cool.

Note : the jelly is soft. Pretty hard to take out from mould. Would recommend individual serving to avoid embarrassment. :p

Sunday, December 26, 2010

:: Sizzling Mee ::

husband tetiba cakap, a friend of his is coming over. *panic mode* sbb tau kat dapur takde benda sgt nak dihidang pada tetamu. teringat resepi dr blog kak nor on sizzling yee mee yg sgt simple tapi sedap mcm makan kat food court. bahan mentah pun minimal, so i made up my mind.. masak sizzling mee for them.

gambar sebelum makan tak sempat snap. kalau i buat lagi mee ni, boleh la snap. this is my second attempt, and it's super duper fast.

5 biji bawang putih
3 biji cili kering (potong dua)
isi ayam
sayur sawi (i tambah)
6 biji cendawan shitake kering(rendam dengan air panas sampai lembut, lepas tu potong 2)
lada hitam
3 tbsp kicap cair
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp kicap pekat
1 tbsp tepung jagung (mix with water)
minyak bijan
mee kering (rebus sampai lembut & toskan)

1. tumis bawang putih, halia + cili kering.
2. masukkan ayam
3. masukkan 2 cawan air.
4. masukkan cendawan.
5. masukkan tepung jagung yang telah dibancuh dengan air.masak hingga kuah mendidih.
6. masukkan lada hitam mengikut tahap pedas yang disukai.
7. renjiskan sedikit minyak bijan. (lupa mau letak)
8. last sekali baru saya masukkan sawi. (nak kasik crunchy sket)

tadaaa. siap.