Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cantonese Fried Noodle

bila dah beranak pinak nih, mula la mencari resepi yang 'versatile'. dua² mak budak ngan anak² boleh makan without the need to cook many times. :) (dasar pemalas kan?)

so, last weekend, i decided to make this simple cantonese fried noodle. to me, this noodle macam comfort food. ala² maggi ayam gitu. hehe.

:: ingredients ::


daging (sliced)
baby corn
telur (1)
bawang putih (diced)
bawang merah (thinly sliced)
ginger (sliced)
chicken stock
tepung jagung

kuey teow
kicap cair

:: method ::


1. panaskan minyak.
2. tumis bawang putih, bawang merah and halia sehingga wangi.
3. masukkan daging dan kacau sehingga agak masak.
4. masukkan fishball, fishcakes, sotong, carrot and baby corn.
5. masukkan stok ayam + air.
6. continue cooking till bubbly.
7. pecahkan sebiji telur and stir. (this is optional really. i prefer the noodle with no egg)
8. masukkan sawi.
9. finally, bancuh tepung jagung with a lil' bit of water.
10. masukkan bancuhan air tepung jagung to the kuah. (amount nak masuk tuh, terpulang kepada masing². kalau nak kuah pekat, masukkan lebih sket).
11. season with salt if needed.

1. panaskan sedikit minyak in a separate wok.
2. pour in the kuey teow + kicap cair.
3. gaul rata

1. serve the noodle with the kuah warm.
2. add chopped bird chillies mixed with light soy sauce if desired.

:: Frozen Popiah ::

adib peminat popiah. afiq pun sama. last weekend, adib mintak popiah, so i decided to make some over the weekend. tapi hehe, i kan terlalu la amatur. my folding skill memang terlalu basic. tak cantik macam org lain fold kan. :)

anyway, here's my simple version of popiah.

:: ingredients ::
kulit popiah (thawed)
udang (potong kecik²)
bawang putih (cincang)
sengkuang (potong nipis², memanjang)
carrot (potong nipis², memanjang)
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
sedikit lada sulah (kalau suka)

:: method ::
1. panaskan sedikit minyak.
2. tumis bawang putih sehingga wangi.
3. masukkan udang.
4. masukkan oyster sauce, sengkuang dan carrot.
5. season with white pepper.
6. toskan isi popiah yang sudah siap dimasak.
7. masukkan isi popiah dalam kulit popiah, and fold it as u wish.
8. bila nak makan, goreng saje...

tips : got this tip from a book/mag/webbie which i can't remember.. kalau nak the inti to be crispy, guna pisau untuk potong. jangan sagat.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: Tomato Salad ::

i prepared this salad to complement my chicken rice and ayam goreng berempah. so it could be a variation from those normal acar jelatah.

got the recipe from my aunty, while chatting over the food during raya. being someone who don't enjoy vege that much, i found this dish to be refreshing and extremely good especially for pregnant ladies who suffer from vomitting. definitely a healthier choice than those jeruk! :)

:: ingredients ::
a tree of corriander leaves
onion (prefer the red one rather than the holland type)
salt + sugar to season
lemon juice

:: method ::
1. chop everything. (for tomato, i prefer to discard the seeds as it's too watery)
2. pour in the lemon juice. (i used lemon juice from 1.5 lemon)
3. season with salt and sugar.

yummy, delicious and healthy!

ps : tips from the original chef - best prepared half an hour before eating.

:: Ayam Goreng Berempah ::

we had guests on friday night. at first, hubby asked me to cook baked pasta only, but then, after we all dengar the mother is tagging along (she's quite old), i said to myself, it's very inappropriate, as most elder people prefer rice to pasta surely! so i dished up some chicken rice (recipe as before) but i changed the chicken to ayam berempah.

got the recipe from buku chef hanieliza, and i truly believe it's such a good value buying that book, as so far most of the recipe turned out right.

so give it a try! fair dinkum easy!

:: ingredients ::
chicken (pat dry - important for the spices to stick to it)
curry leaves

:: pounded ::

3 stalks lemongrass
5 bulbs garlic
1 inch ginger

:: marinade ::
curry powder
chilli powder
white pepper

:: method ::
1. marinade the chicken with the pounded and marinade ingredients.
2. leave it to stand for at least half an hour.
3. heat the oil (enough for deep frying) in the wok.
4. put in the curry leave first, then fry the chicken till brown.
5. serve warm.

easy peasy!

:: Nasi Impit with Soto Ayam ::

gambar dulu.. recipe later yeah?