Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: Tomato Salad ::

i prepared this salad to complement my chicken rice and ayam goreng berempah. so it could be a variation from those normal acar jelatah.

got the recipe from my aunty, while chatting over the food during raya. being someone who don't enjoy vege that much, i found this dish to be refreshing and extremely good especially for pregnant ladies who suffer from vomitting. definitely a healthier choice than those jeruk! :)

:: ingredients ::
a tree of corriander leaves
onion (prefer the red one rather than the holland type)
salt + sugar to season
lemon juice

:: method ::
1. chop everything. (for tomato, i prefer to discard the seeds as it's too watery)
2. pour in the lemon juice. (i used lemon juice from 1.5 lemon)
3. season with salt and sugar.

yummy, delicious and healthy!

ps : tips from the original chef - best prepared half an hour before eating.

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