Tuesday, May 19, 2009

:: Simple Chinese Fried Rice ::

fried rice came in lots of varieties. and chinese fried rice came up top in OH's list as favourite dish. (perhaps, surely the wifey tak burn the food? :P)

so here goes my way in dishing up the simple dish. what goes in pretty much depend on what's in fridge.

garlic (minced)
mixed vege
red chilli
daun sup
chicken stock (i used those without MSG)
a tablespoon of fish sauce
dash of light soy sauce
dash of white pepper
a teaspoon of sesame oil

1. heat oil in a wok
2. pour in the egg. give the egg a good stir.
3. when the egg is almost cooked, put in garlic, onion and red chilli. sautee till nice fragrant bubbles up in the air.
4. put in the seafood, fish sauce, dash of white pepper and chicken stock.
5. put in the rice, mixed vege, daun sup and mix well.
6. season with light soy sauce.
7. sprinkle with sesame oil, and fry further for about a minute or two.
8. serve warm with chilli sauce and bawang goreng.

simple, but satisfying. enough said.

Monday, May 18, 2009

:: Ikan Tenggiri Masak Singgang ::

budak kecik 2 orang kat rumah tu tak sihat over the weekend. selsema + batuk = takde selera makan.

adatla bila tak sihat, sure nak makan yang soupy² pastuh ada ala² masam sket kasik bukak selera.

so lauk malas nih la jadi mangsa. (walhal mak dia ngan bapak dia pun tak sihat!)

ikan tenggiri (ikan kembung pun ok)
2 asam keping
4 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
1 inci kunyit hidup
1 batang serai, dititik
1/2 inci lengkuas
cili api (i omit this sebab takut budak kecik 2 orang tuh tak tahan)
5 batang kacang bendi
garam secukup rasa

1. masukkan bawang merah, bawang putih, kunyit hidup, serai, lengkuas dan cili api di dalam air
2. rebus sehingga terbit bau wangi, air menggelegak and warna air tuh dah jadi kuning
3. masukkan bendi
4. season with salt
5. last sekali baru masuk ikan. kalau masuk awal² takut hancur. nanti tak best.
4. serve warm

:: Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa ::

resipi ulang tayang. the recipe can be found HERE. but this time with pics. :D i just varied the veges. add in some broccoli.

nih antara OH's favourite. tu pasal selalu buat. (ye sgt la selalu)

many thanx to kak ummi for the beautiful recipe. it's for keep indeed.

:: baked pasta ::

baked pasta is one dish that is extremely easy to prepare especially on days where you have to feed few tummies, yet you're one sick homemaker. thanx to mr leggo for his invention. :D

3 handful spiral pasta (cook al-dente)
1 jar of baked pasta sauce (thanx Giant for bringing in the different flavours! i've tried creamy tomato and the one with spinach, ricotta cheese and tomato)
500 g (more or less) minced meat (try to make it on your own. in my opinion, it's far healthier than those ready made minced meat due to the fat content)
mixed vege
slices of fresh button mushroom (spare some for topping if u like)
a cup (or enough) grated mozarella cheese
garlic (diced. i love garlic in my cooking)
capsicum (sliced)

1. preheat oven @ 190degrees
2. preheat a little amount of oil in a wok
3. fry garlic till fragrant
4. add in capsicum, meat, mushroom and mixed vege.
5. give a good stir, and becareful not to overcook the veges. (i love crunchy capsicum)
6. mixed the cooked meat, sauce and pasta in a caserole.
7. top with sliced mushroom, and covered with cheese.
8. bake at 190deg for 20 mins or till brown.

lepas tuh, jangan lupa work out yeah! sangat² sinful.. (sigh.. menyesal makan..) :P

:: garlic asparagus with carrot ::

i love the way chinese cook their veges. not overcook, crunchy and delicious.

i remember there was a time, my dad brought us to one chinese restaurant and he ordered garlic asparagus (if i'm not mistaken). fallen in love with the dish, i tried it out at home, and yes, it's satisfying.

a bunch of asparagus
5-6 garlic (cincang halus²)
sesame oil
* u can add prawns if u like, but i didn't add any.

1. heat oil in a wok.
2. tumis garlic till fragrant
3. pour in a lil bit of water
4. add in carrot and asparagus
5. season with salt
6. sprinkle with tiny amount of sesame oil. (diabetic patients, watch out your sesame oil intake.)
7. serve immediately

i know the ingredients and methods are pretty simple, but to me, the art of cooking veges differs from one to another, just like nak masak telur goreng dadar. some people's telur dadar is pretty flat, and some turned out extremely puffy. it all depends on the way you cook it. the ingredients might be the same, but the way we dished it out will make your outcome totally different!

give it a try. pretty healthy too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

:: White Bread with Baked Egg ::

this is one simple breakfast dish that i made for my OH on weekend morning.

(but i only made it for him, sebab i personally don't like it.. but he likes it anyway)

i believe i got this idea from some book or someone's blog.

but here's my version.

2 slices of white bread
1 slice of cheddar cheese
quarter onion - diced
dash of pepper
dash of dried oregano
(in my imagination, i believe it would taste nicer if u could add fresh chives, chopped salami & fresh button mushroom)

1. preheat oven at 180deg
2. place a baking sheet on tray
3. spread butter on bread
4. make a nice round cut on one piece of the bread. (i used cookie cutter)
5. place a slice of cheddar cheese on the bread, and top it with another bread that has been holed up. (haha)
6. break the egg and carefully glide it on the bread.
7. add in the diced onion and season it with pepper and dried oregano.
8. bake for 15-20 mins or until the egg is cooked

* preggy woman - if u want to make this dish, make sure u cook the egg well. telur setengah masak may be harmful for the foetus!

note to myself - OH prefer no cheese.

Monday, May 4, 2009

:: Tom Yam Lemak ::

i cooked this simple tomyam as a welcoming note for TOH who came back from russia last saturday. i got the recipe from, again, Cik Mat Gebu and i find it tasty and lip smacking. worth trying! will post up the pic later yeah?

udang sederhana besar, buang kotoran dikepalanya cuci dan toskan
2 carrots
3 biji tomato
1 pack oyster mushroom
8 camca besar penuh pes tomyam
2.5 l air (atau secukupnya)
limau kasturi, perah jusnya (i used a lot! tak kira plak brapa pakai since i masak banyak sangat)
1 mangkuk santan
daun limau purut
4 batang serai, dititik
2 inci lengkuas, dititik
2 biji bawang besar
1 pokok daun ketumbar
sos ikan secukup rasa
10 - 15 biji cili padi, dititik
1/2 camca teh serbuk lada hitam

1. Didihkan air, pes tomyam, serai, lengkuas, cili api, daun limau purut dan bawang besar. Biar mendidih, kemudian kecilkan sedikit api.
2. Masukkan ayam dan lobak merah
3. Masukkan cendawan dan celery
4. Masukkan air limau, sos ikan dan lada hitam.
5. masukkan daun ketumbar (reserve sikit untuk hiasan)
6. Bila mendidih, masukkan udang dan sotong.
7. Rasa dan jika perlu tambah garam.
8. Tuang santan dan masukkan tomato, masak dengan api kecil sehingga mendidih, kacau selalu.
9. Hidangkan segera dan hias dengan hirisan daun ketumbar. Jika menggunakan susu cair, didihkan sekejap saja.

walauweh! enak banget! i had this with kuey teow for lunch, and white rice for dinner. (it should be the other way round.. sigh!)