Monday, May 18, 2009

:: baked pasta ::

baked pasta is one dish that is extremely easy to prepare especially on days where you have to feed few tummies, yet you're one sick homemaker. thanx to mr leggo for his invention. :D

3 handful spiral pasta (cook al-dente)
1 jar of baked pasta sauce (thanx Giant for bringing in the different flavours! i've tried creamy tomato and the one with spinach, ricotta cheese and tomato)
500 g (more or less) minced meat (try to make it on your own. in my opinion, it's far healthier than those ready made minced meat due to the fat content)
mixed vege
slices of fresh button mushroom (spare some for topping if u like)
a cup (or enough) grated mozarella cheese
garlic (diced. i love garlic in my cooking)
capsicum (sliced)

1. preheat oven @ 190degrees
2. preheat a little amount of oil in a wok
3. fry garlic till fragrant
4. add in capsicum, meat, mushroom and mixed vege.
5. give a good stir, and becareful not to overcook the veges. (i love crunchy capsicum)
6. mixed the cooked meat, sauce and pasta in a caserole.
7. top with sliced mushroom, and covered with cheese.
8. bake at 190deg for 20 mins or till brown.

lepas tuh, jangan lupa work out yeah! sangat² sinful.. (sigh.. menyesal makan..) :P

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