Monday, May 18, 2009

:: garlic asparagus with carrot ::

i love the way chinese cook their veges. not overcook, crunchy and delicious.

i remember there was a time, my dad brought us to one chinese restaurant and he ordered garlic asparagus (if i'm not mistaken). fallen in love with the dish, i tried it out at home, and yes, it's satisfying.

a bunch of asparagus
5-6 garlic (cincang halus²)
sesame oil
* u can add prawns if u like, but i didn't add any.

1. heat oil in a wok.
2. tumis garlic till fragrant
3. pour in a lil bit of water
4. add in carrot and asparagus
5. season with salt
6. sprinkle with tiny amount of sesame oil. (diabetic patients, watch out your sesame oil intake.)
7. serve immediately

i know the ingredients and methods are pretty simple, but to me, the art of cooking veges differs from one to another, just like nak masak telur goreng dadar. some people's telur dadar is pretty flat, and some turned out extremely puffy. it all depends on the way you cook it. the ingredients might be the same, but the way we dished it out will make your outcome totally different!

give it a try. pretty healthy too!

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