Sunday, April 17, 2011

:: Choc chip cookies & choc milk shake ::

the elder twin keep on asking for cookies, that i finally gave in and made some for them. the recipe yields more or less 100 pieces. jumpa resepi nih dalam salah satu fotopages yang i selalu visit dulu.

:: Ingredients ::
250gm butter
100gm white sugar
80gm brown sugar
1 egg
150gm flour sifted
100gm rice flour
100gm custard flour
1.5tsp baking powder
20g cocoa powder (pernah guna black cocoa powder, and it looks better)
a pinch of salt
almond flakes
choc chip
2 caps of vanilla essence

:: Method ::
1. cream butter and sugar.
2. add in egg.
3. add in the dry other ingredients, mix for 1 min.
4. bake in a preheated oven at 180deg for 15mins.

tipe : pernah baca dalam buku betty crocker, to get good cookies, temperature butter mesti betul. it shouldn't be hard or too soft. if u can make a thumbprint on the butter, that's the right temperature. kalau butter lembik, cookie will jadi leper, and kalau butter too hard, it won't expand well.

accompanying the cookie, is the milk shake.

:: Ingredients ::
6-7 scoops of choc ice cream (i used kit kat ice cream)
1.5 glass of milk
choc syrup

:: Method ::
Blend and serve with choc syrup. lovely

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