Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oreo Butter Cheesecake

250gm cream cheese
250 gm butter
10 pieces of oreo (crushed)
200gm castor sugar (250gm if you like it sweet)
4 eggs
crushed crispy chocolate
250gm self raising flour


1. cream butter, cheese and sugar until fluffy.
2. add one egg at a time and mix. continue adding egg until all 4 are finished.
3. add sifted flour and crushed oreo and mix well using spatula.
4. transfer to cups or lined tin and sprinkle the crushed crispy chocolate on top.
5. mix in the pre heated oven for 25mins at 180degrees

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Neeja Zawawi said...

nmpk sedap la sha..aku nk try gak la