Monday, February 22, 2010

:: Trio Marble Cake ::

i got attracted to this colourful cake in CMG's page that i decided to make mine.

here goes the recipe, dan seperti biasa, with alterations, mengikut apa yang ada kat dapurr.

250 g butter (the original recipe call for 300g, tapi rasanya masa buat ari tuh i pakai 250g saje)
200 g self raising flour
50 ml fresh milk
3 eggs
180 g castor sugar
choc emulco
strawberry emulco
vanilla essence

1. beat butter and sugar
2. add in egg, one at a time and continue mixing
3. add in flour and milk, alternately, and continue mixing
4. divide into 3 parts
5. flavour each part with choc, strawberry and vanilla
6. pour in batter alternately in a cake tin.
7. bake at 175deg for 55 mins or till done.

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