Monday, February 22, 2010

:: Toast with Cheese and Mushroom ::

resipi nih kiranya invented masa zaman belajar dulu, while i was doing my masters degree bersama2 suami terchenta. we stayed in m'sia hall, so no cooking is allowed. lunch is not provided. tapi perut tetap laparrrrr dan mintak diisi.

so this is what i invented using our small sandwich maker. berjasa hokay sandwich maker tuh, and ever since has become a hit between the two of us. but the one in pic i masak guna sandwich press (yang jenis floating plate tuh). boleh jek pakai oven, ikut kreativiti masing2.

here goes the recipe:-

4 slices of white bread
2 pieces of cheddar cheese
slices of fresh button mushroom
dash of pepper
slaps of butter

1. slap some butter atas roti
2. arrange the cheese and slices of fresh button mushroom
3. season with pepper.
4. sprinkle some grated mozarella cheese on top of the bread. (optional)
5. grill till brown.

ps : careful makan, cheese sangat panas!!


YOI said...

Salam..kak, saya jadik silent reader akak for almost 1 year++. Since the story about adik Amin.Baca blog yang lagi 1. tapi saya nak tag dua2 blog akak bleh?tq ya!..(org lom bg permission,dah ter excited nak tag! :p)

aishah zaharin said...


u're most welcome to do so!