Sunday, March 20, 2011

:: Sagu Gula Melaka ::

source : Hanieliza's book - Mari Memasak Puding. altered according to what i have in the kitchen.

SIL called and invited us to her house for dinner. made this untuk dishare with all. sagu gula melaka is onee of my favourite malay dessert. enjoy!

: Ingredients ::
~ Sagu
1 cup of sagu
few drops of green colour
3 cups of water

~ Sugar
1 cup of gula merah
1/2 cup of castor sugar
1 cup of water

~ Kuah Santan
1 cup of santan pekat
salt to season
2 cups of water
daun pandan

:: Method ::

~ Sagu
1. Boil water, add sagu & drops of green colour.
2. Boil till sagu is cooked.
3. Transfer sagu to small cups/containers.
4. Keep chill.

~ Sugar
1. Mix everything in a pan & cook till sugar is thicken.
2. Keep chill.

~ Kuah Santan
1. Mix santan with water. add salt & knotted daun pandan.
2. Cook till boiled.
3. Keep chill.

Serve everything chill. best!

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