Sunday, March 22, 2009

:: lasagna ::

pretty sinful. not suitable for those who're on diet!


1. instant lasagna sheets
2. grated mozarella cheese (u can add some grated cheddar to add the tanginess)

the sauce
1. 1 can of preego sauce (i like the 'spicy mushroom')
2. minced meat/chicken (i used meat)
3. mixed vege
4. a can of mushroom
5. 1 stick celery (thinly sliced)* optional
6. salt
7. pepper
8. oregano
9. 3-4 cloves of garlic

white sauce
1. a cup of fresh milk
2. black pepper
3. salt
4. mozarella cheese
10.1 tablespoon flour

1.'tumis' (my bro is gonna hate me for this.. muahahaha dik!) the garlic till fragrant.
2. add in meat and stir till cooked.
3. pour in sauce. stir till it boils a bit.
4. pour in mushroom, celery, mixed vege.
5. season with salt n pepper.
6. add dash of oregano.

how to make white sauce
1. put milk n cheese in a pot over medium heat.
2. stir well till it just star to boil.
3. add in salt, pepper n tablespoon of flour. (amount of flour depends on how thick u want the sauce to be).
4. keep on stirring till thicken.

assembling lasagna
1. using a baking ware, arrange the layers starting with lasagna sheet, meat sauce and finally white sauce.
2. keep on arranging till u reach the desired thickness.
3. make sure u finish it with white sauce on top.
4. top it with grated mozarella cheese.
5. bake in a pre-heated oven @ 150deg till cook.

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