Monday, March 30, 2009

:: Chicken Rice ::

- i cooked nasi ayam with chicken teriyaki yesterday. however, published in this entry is an old picca (the chicken was different anyway). but anyway, recipe dia lebih kurang cam nih la.. i cilok recipe nih dari - search for nasi ayam complete.


1 whole chicken
2 bawang besar - sliced - 1 untuk rebus, 1 untuk nasi
3-4 cloves bawang merah - sliced
ginger (depends on u nak banyak mana, like me, i love ginger so letak banyak²) - nicer kalau parut.
margerine - enough untuk menumis
buah pelaga
bunga cengkih
jintan (hope i got the name right)
daun pandan - knotted
2 lemongrass
2 pots beras

sos cili
1 senduk air rebusan ayam
8-10 cili besar
2 cloves garlic
salt + sugar

1 senduk air rebusan ayam
kicap cair
kicap manis
dash of sesame oil


1. rebus ayam + bawang besar + bawang merah until the chicken is done. set aside.
2. cairkan margerine. tumis buah pelaga, bunga cengkih + jintan.
3. then tumis bawang besar + halia sampai wangi. masukkan serai.
4. masukkan 2 pot beras and kacau till well mix.
5. pour in 2 pots of air rebusan ayam.
6. put in daun pandan. season with salt.
7. transfer to electric cooker till cook.

sos cili
1. pour in all ingredients in blender and blend well.
2. season with salt and sugar to your liking.

1. add all ingredients. amount of ketchup pretty much depends to your liking.

1. tumis bawang putih and merah until fragrant.
2. pour in lebihan air rebusan ayam.
3. add in carrots, celery + oyster mushroom.
4. season with salt.
5. serve with chinese parsley + bawang goreng. walla!

Chicken Terriyaki- altered from Rinnchan's fotopages

boiled chicken
3 tbsp honey
4 tbsp kicap manis
2 cloves garlic - preferably grated
3" ginger (preferably grated)

1. mix all ingredients together
2. marinate for at least 1 hr
3. using non stick pan, dash bits of sesame oil.
4. pan fried the chicken.
5. once in a while, nrush the chicken with the remaining marinade sauce.

ps - serve the chicken rice with salad, cucumber, tomatoes.
enjoy yeah!

ps lagi - susahnya nak tulis recipe. i don't think i'm a good recipe writer!

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