Wednesday, June 3, 2009

:: Cik Mek Molek ::

i attended a course in kelang, and they served me with superbly delicious 'cik mek molek', a traditional malay cake (kuih) from east coast of malaysia. i'm pretty shy to indulge on the food (am being a little bit 'ayu' here), i put up an attempt to make one at home.

the recipe is pretty much based on 'best estimate' concept that adopts the methodology of 'agak²' and 'campak²'. :D

sweet potato (yellow orangish potato)
wheat flour


1. boil the potato with salt till soft.
2. mash the potato, and add in wheat flour, a tablespoon at a time to avoid overadding flour. (too much flour will make the kuih a tad hard, and u'll lose the taste of potato)
3. repeat step 2 till the mixture leave the side of the pan clean but still sticky on your hand.
4. pat your palm with some flour. roll the mixture to a ball, sized 1-1.5".
5. press the balls flat and dent the middle with your finger.
6. sprinkle some sugar as filling in the dent, and roll the mixture back to a ball and press it till desired thickness.
7. fry it till golden brown and serve warm.

tips - best eaten with hot weak tea (teh o) or black coffee (kopi o). sangat tradisional!


Mat Gebu said...

Pasal tom yam kukus tu, mmg tak letak air, masa u kukus nanti, jus ayam tu akan keluar, tapi kuah dia tak delah jadi byk...Tapi kan kalau rasa nak letak sedikit air pun ok..u adjust lah rasa dia nanti..

aishah zaharin said...

CMG - tima kasih share info. :D

echan said...

oh..oh.. sgt suke ini kueh. bole cube buat sendiri. yeay!

aishah zaharin said...

echan - sila². kalau nak syok lagi, guna sket gila tepung. walauweh!