Sunday, August 9, 2009

:: Sauteed Potatoes and Mushroom ::

hearty breakfast at home on weekends surely is a good way to start the day. :D

so here goes our big breaky at home last week.

sauteed mushroom and potato

the story
i went for a holiday with my dear family back in yr 1996 to disney paris. we were extremely excited, as this is going to be the first time ever we'll put our steps in europe.

it was very cold, and flakes have made their presence. hot breakfast seems so delicious, almaklumla, perut lapar.. :P

there was one dish, that captured my heart so much - sauteed potato and mushroom. sedap gila.

but...... i only attempted this perhaps 10 years later?? hahahha.

so here goes the recipe, that came from memory.

ingredients:-baby potatoes (i didn't peel the skin off. just give a good wash and sliced thinly)
fresh button mushroom (quartered)

method:-1. melt some butter in a pan.
2. sautee the potato till tender.
3. add in the mushroom. give a good stir.
4. season with salt and pepper. dash in some dried oregano for beautiful aroma.
5. serve warm with toasted bread with melted cheese and sausages.

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