Sunday, August 16, 2009

:: twisted buffalo wings ::

i had these for dinner. tak sempat nak snap gambar. i everyone was so hungry, that we quickly gather at the dining lounge to enjoy dinner.

it's an easy peasy recipe that i collected from a friend of mine during seminar. hehe. (talking of giving concentration!) ;p

chicken wings (cut at joints)
multi purpose flour (i used the KFC flour)
1 egg white

1 cup BBQ sauce
2 cups honey

sour cream dip
250g sour cream
2 tbsp italian parsley (chopped)
1/2 onion (chopped)
paprika, pepper, salt, sugar
lemon juice

1. dip the chicken in egg white, and coat with flour.
2. fry till golden brown.

1. heat the BBQ sauce and honey.
2. let it cool a little bit before serving.

sour cream dip:-
1. mix the sour cream with the chopped onion.
2. season with salt, pepper, sugar, paprika and lemon juice.

drench the chicken with the BBQ sauce. (i served it separately, for i want to preserve the crisp of the chicken). serve with sour cream dip and coleslaw. we had it with coleslaw + sauteed mushroom and potato + the dip. easy peasy!

ps :-
good for birthday parties. (the recipe is actually a twist to the original buffalo wings that we usually tasted. nevertheless, it's still lip samcking!)

author's note : TQ azah for sharing.


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azza - sedap. tengs for the recipe! paling suka dip dia.