Sunday, August 9, 2009

:: Udang Galah Masak Lemak Cili Api ::

I’ve been craving for udang galah for quite sometimes. And, I finally bought it last Friday to satisfy my craving. Hehe.

I was thinking of either curry or masak lemak cili api. OH awal2 reject curry. It’s not because he hates curry, but I believe, it is because… I can’t cook curry! He definitely doesn’t want the money to go down the drain right?

Or, on a more positive notes, perhaps, I’m good in cooking masak lemak cili api. Maklumla, mak abah org nogoghi. ;p

So here goes the menu. It’s simply easy.

Cili api (birds chillies) + turmeric (pounded till fine. Amount of chillies depend on how hot u want it to be)
Lemon grass (2 stalks)
Udang galah
French beans
Coconut milk (1 bowl of first pressed santan, and another 1.5 bowl of second and third pressed santan)

1. Put everything in except the thick santan (coconut milk) and the beans in a pan.
2. Cook over low heat, and keep on stirring. Season with salt.
3. Once boiled, pour in the thick santan and the beans.
4. Continue cooking and stirring till it boils again.
5. Serve with warm with white rice.

Lip smacking! (Self confessed)
Ps : lepas tuh psycho sakit tumit. :p

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